About Us

The mission behind Thompson Merchant Solutions is to provide a wide array of business services revolving around payment processing and business software. Not only do we provide consulting to merchants that need help with their electronic payment acceptance, but we also provide custom software or web application development solutions to merchants and ISO's that need to gain that innovative edge over their competitors. If you're a merchant, you can trust us with your payment development and integration needs, if you're an ISO or agent, allow us to build custom applications or integrations for you, while you brand the solution for your merchants.

Our Experience

Our founder (Joe Thompson) has over 18 years of experience in the payment processing industry, starting his career at a major payment processing firm before moving on to start his own registered payment processing provider. After working for years as an independent registered payment processing provider, he found that his merchants were more in need of an independent source to not sell them; but help them find the best solution for their business needs. We provide merchants and merchant providers with top payment solutions that get the job done at a reasonable cost, and enable them to focus more on growing their business. And best of all most of our e-payment development consulting can be provided at a discounted or reduced cost to regular merchant partners.

We have experience developing payment processing technology for ARU/phone processing systems, Internet processing systems, payment processing software, certifying your own custom payment application with payment networks, business backend technology, mobile friendly web payments, and more. Contact us and allow us to work with your business!

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