Benefits of using Thompson Merchant

Merchant Benefits:

  • You have trusted payments expert to build integrate your payment system.
  • We are here every day and we specialize in payments. Unlike a traditional development firm, we primarily build and manage payment applications. So we are always available to handle your ongoing electronic payment needs.
  • You can now focus on your core activity and less on the technical or payments aspects of your business.
  • With our previous experience as registered merchant providers, we also have the know-how to help break down and explain payment industry terms and jargon to you. You can trust TMS as not only a payment development firm, but as your personal payment consultant (often times your merchant provider or agent will answer general questions, but we're here in case they cannot assist you).

Provider/ISO Benefits:

  • With TMS, you can focus on signing more merchants, and less on managing projects.
  • Using our white label development option, you literally allow us to do the dirty work while you brand any development as your own. If your merchant needs something integrated or built, we will negotiate wholesale development pricing with you (the agent or ISO), that you may sell with a mark-up, or pass along as priced directly to your merchant.
  • You increase your bottom line by not having to maintain in-house payment developers, while also being able to call us on as as-needed basis. When your merchant needs a solution, we're here to help!
  • You get to work with a developer that "get's it", as a former registered payment ISO and a long time payment developer, you can trust Thompson Merchant with your payment needs.

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