Payment Systems Development & Integration

As one of few payment systems development firms that have also operated as a direct registered ISO (merchant provider) in the past; Thompson Merchant Solutions understands the demands and many moving parts that are associated with building and managing your own payment system. We develop secure, PCI Compliant payment systems for both merchants directly and for the clients of merchant account providers, below are just a few (there are several more) of our provided projects:

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A merchant services provider, whose merchant is a restaurant that provides school lunches, got in touch with us us about building a payment system for their client. This system needed to replace their existing manual process of managing school lunch payments manually. We developed a backend system that enables parents to login and make their own student lunch payments. This saved the school lunch provider time and made their accounting much easier.

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A merchant services provider needed a firm to develop an online system for purchasing and renewing passports for their client, an online passport company. We setup the front end online website, integrated secure payments and built out the passport application wizards, for the merchant.

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A top provider of tracking tools for fleet management needed their own payment system to integrate with their state of the art trucking customer backend system. We developed payment management system and backend API for them to process recurring client payments without having to keep up with payment information internally, which also minimizes security risks while offering convenience to customers.
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A merchant account provider/ISO needed to automate their internal applications process for their merchants and agents. We developed a totally paperless electronic application system which included both Salesforce integration, automated fraud analysis and scoring (to reduce risk), and digital document signing.

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